About Us

Welcome to DapperLook. We are so excited to have you join our fashion network.
Our many users are comprised of fashion bloggers, models, and everyday people who are interested in fashion. Our philosophy at DapperLook is that fashion should be fun, free, and accessible to all.

Whether you are looking for the newest fashion trends, to read up to date posts from fashion bloggers, or even to shop, we have it all for you. You can connect with other users who share the same interests as you, such as favorite brands or designers. Our network also allows for you to connect with people who wear the same size clothing as you which can aid in finding brands which fit your frame better than others.

DapperLook provides a platform for fashion information and trends as well as for boutique owners and online sellers. You can browse and shop from hundreds of online boutiques as well as buy and sell from your own closet.

Our process is simple, just contact the owner of the clothing you would like to purchase, pay for the items and the seller will ship them directly to you. We do not believe in charging annoying listing fees or taking a percentage of your hard earned cash. All that we ask is that you are honest with what you are selling and to please ship out purchased items within a reasonable amount of time (preferably within two days.) Our rating system allows buyers to buy with confidence based on reviews from previous buyers.

Again, we are so happy that you have chosen to join our fun fashion family. Please contact our support team at support@dapperlook.com with any issues or questions. We hope you have a great experience on DapperLook.

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